An Email to Shadoe Stevens about Fatherly Love.

Saturday, November 15, 2014
Dear Shadoe,
For some time I have been wondering if there are ways to make people happier and make society better.
You know David Marsden right? I go to his chatroom every weekend. David has a new webstation and was interviewed by a local radio station last week.
Then it occurred to me that young people are looking for someone to hold on to, someone who cares for them and who to inspires them. And David Marsden is ideal for this with all his experiences. People long for the good old days, and David has a lot to offer where the good old times are concerned. That this is an experience modern society needs.
Then I thought that maybe you could do a show on national radio intended for teenagers and early ‘twentiers’. That they can be part of a caring experience. That you can have guests in the studio or let youngsters call in. Would today’s youth know you from the 1980s? Probably not, so you will need to build trust with your audience, but you are a trustworthy person. It will come naturally to you.
What is needed is a show like Rush Limbaugh but without the politics, because there are more important things for youngsters than politics. More like Ray Suarez with his talk show about family matters.
You wrote children’s books, you are a father, maybe even a grandfather. And your radio personality always made me feel as if you cared. That you can emit fatherly feelings to your young audience. That you build a bond with your audience and that they embrace you.
Your show could be about things like: teenage pregnancy, or loneliness or how to get a girlfriend. You could also invite people to your show with special experiences, like an old popular pop star who young people find interesting but who isn’t in the main stream of popular music. How youths still listen to songs from the 1980s when their parents were young.
I am convinced that human interaction follows a universal code. And that you can steer society by interaction instead of punishment or rewarding. The use of social mechanisms, this is like alternative medicine.
I wouldn’t know if there would be a network which would be willing to sponsor you. I am certain there is a need here and that commercially it could be a success. When you make people feel love and happiness then that would mean something. It has to do with loving, caring and experience, and you can do all three.
This would be like that Tears for Fears song: “d.j. is the man we love the most.” I listened a couple of times to your mental radio show, which is also a talk show. But when someone with a PhD says she was abducted by aliens then that is something I simply don’t believe.
There is this song by Joshua Kadison where he sings: “Jesse you can always sell any dream to me.” So here is my dream, maybe you like it.
With love, your Dutch friend: Aljo “Ranger”.

Reply to My Job Application with the ZDF.

Sehr geehrter Aljo_,
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Original Anfrage:
Von: Aljo_
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Datum: 08:03:2015
Sunday, March 08, 2015
Dear ZDF,
I like the Sibel & Max show on Saturdays, but that having children isn’t  part of my life. Still I reckon Sibel & Max shows are very important to teach youths how to be in relationships.
When you say to a child: “I’d like to teach you about love.” It will reply: “Maybe some other time, dad.” However should you say: “Son, I’d like to explain to you how to get a girlfriend.” Then your son will be interested!
Youths are so eager to learn about love, that it would make sense to figure out just what knowledge youngsters need, and then turn this information into a TV series. Or songs on the radio.
I love Bettys Diagnose. I spent almost 5 years in a mental hospital, and that most female nurses, not all, were single. While they were really attractive and desirable. Someone like the ZDF should make ordinary people realize the value of nurses and that nurses are caring loving individuals who make really good wives and mothers.
Someone on the radio said: 30 seconds of attention by a famous star can improve the life of the fan forever! That’s true. It makes sense to advertise young single women in mass media because then males will fall in love with them, and keep them in love.
A nurse in the hospital called Diana was attractive with lots of friends and still she was single. We talked about if she ever expected to have children, she didn’t see this in her future. Then I offered to put her photo on a dating site (back in the early 2000s). She got lots of reactions and even from people in her city! She loved it. A few years later I meet Diana on the street behind a baby carriage and I asked her: “Diana are you a mother?” With pride she replied: “Yes I have a daughter!” This kind of thing happened a lot to friends of mine, like American military personnel from the local American air base with whom I am still friends and who all got famous and are still married after 25 years. Of course you don’t need to be famous to be in a successful relationship, but that one time of attention in front of a lot of people which can create a spark and let someone fall in love with you… That’s a sound investment!
Love the ZDF, Can I work for you?
With love, from Leusden, NL, Aljo ‘Ranger'.

Colors in the Global Community

Colors in the Global Community
By: Aljo Wijnands, NL 2015 (Monday, June 15, 2015)


Colors are meant to be identified with. If someone finds a color that suits him or her that they will use that color often and for a long time. Colors are also important for fashion. People want to express themselves through color, but for that certain colors should have a meaning. Like why are ball caps of the Chicago Bulls or the LA Lakers so popular? Because people identify themselves with these clubs and lots of other people do too. If this weren’t so important people would wear ball caps without logo. People want to belong, people want to be part of the herd, the bigger the herd the more attractive this group is. For many years I have been thinking about a global peer group, where people could show their membership of this peer group by wearing black. This resulted in a global wave of black clothes which lasted decades and never seemed to have an end. To me this proofs that this system satisfies a basic need all people have. For instance, these days looks aren’t so important anymore, more important is that your love interest is interested in you alone. That you are monogamous. This is the new era of the woman, where the male is interested in the quality of the partner, females are interested in the quality of the relationship. Because of this women are copycats, and therefore women are more interested in fashion than men. But these Paris fashion designers kept coming up with black clothes like there was no tomorrow. Surely they must have had a reason for this, but this has got nothing to do with fashion. I will never have children because the government forbids it. But when my female counterparts were starting families, that people in my hometown were wearing hush puppy shoes, that was the reason. Years later when I got to be really ugly people in my hometown were wearing so called Uggs boots. You could call this a functional fashion, that people perceive this as a mechanism to express themselves and their loyalty to a group.


Orange is the New Black


I can imagine that in America they no longer want a black clothes wave, and I can understand this. During the European Song Contest 2015 all 10,000 people in the venue were wearing black, this gave a sense of togetherness, a sense of purpose, everybody doing the same, and that is good. However if in America during a concert everybody would wear black that people might associate it with aggression. What is needed is someone to incorporate society like a king. The Dutch Royals are the House of Orange. But the Dutch king is the Dutch head of state so he isn’t able to lead the world as a king because the Dutch Prime Minister is responsible for his actions. But like in the movie Titanic, it would make sense to have a ‘king of the world’. This is a long term project. Randy Travis has a song with the lyric: ‘Build a family, build a city, build a country, build the world.’  That the ‘king’ would have friends and relatives who all have their special properties and who would be interesting to follow. What is needed is a sub culture of people who identify themselves with each other. This needs to be done through radio, TV and fashion.


Social Media


I have been working on my black clothes theme for over 30 years, long before the Internet and social media ever existed. The point with social media is that it lacks cohesion, I mean people have friends on facebook, but facebook doesn’t convey a feeling of community because people have other interests and don’t feel similarity with other people on facebook. Community can be built by radio and television. Pop music should be like the soundtrack to life. How many pop stars have tens of million followers on social media. These stars are the glue of modern society. But how do these stars become relevant to ordinary people? When people would want a king, that the king would inspire people, and bring them together. People will love the king, and this is the key to a good community.  If pop stars would be inspired by people in the kings social circle, that people better understand what that pop star is all about and understand his or her relevance. But then who would be this king? Wouldn’t this be like winning a billion dollar in the lottery? A solution to this problem could be to create several kingdoms next to each other. That for instance California has a constellation of people around some central figure. That in New York they have a constellation of people around the central figure. And if the central figure/king of California knows the king of New York then both are relevant. Do you understand? Ego and selfishness have got nothing to do with this. This has to do with Chivalry in the Middle Ages. When women were treated like they mattered and were really important to the knights.  




In 1982, when I was in the 4th grade of high school, I fell in love with Olga. I asked her to go out with me, and she turned me down, because her parents thought she was too young. That got me depressed. So one day I went to school dressed in black and the next day Olga also came to school dressed in black. So I guess that was an acknowledgement that we were going steady. You know because I was so much in love with Olga I didn't have the guts to go and talk to her. So we were always watching each other from a distance.. Anyway, other kids in the school started to like black clothes; they started to wear black too. And that is how black got to be the central theme of doing things together. Olga started to wear white. Which at first felt as a rebellion but which later established itself as stature. Because of the fact that aircraft were my main hobby at the time I was listening to American military radio. Thinking back I realize that I started a girl gang where the officers wore white and soldiers wore black. So you would have 10 girls wearing black and one wearing white. Meanwhile on TV there were Dutch musical groups who started to take an interest in our black and white thing. Groups like Mai Thai. Looking back after over 25 years you get the feeling that somehow the government sponsored this. Like the movie Grease where John Travolta wears black and Olivia Newton John wears white. Grease is a male thing where 'our black' was a female thing. It breaks my heart to see these girls in discos having to do things they don't want to but they have no choice. 'Our black' was peaceful a consent thing.. At some point in time mothers from the girls in school were starting to wear black to find out how it worked. Then the black clothes thing entered down town cafes and my entire hometown found out. When I graduated of high school in 1984 the NOS news (national news) paid a visit to our school. During all this time I never talked to Olga. When I spent my last days at high school (the Corderius College) Olga showed a lot of interest in me.. But we had grown apart. Just before I went to Australia on vacation after graduation, I wrote Olga a letter about how we had gotten this way and that I wanted her to write me a letter which she didn't do. I am a little disappointed in that my Olga story happened that way but it was beyond my control. All this did teach me respect for women. Anyway in 1984 I started studying computer science in Utrecht and started listening to AFN SHAPE with Kim Danek at the morning mic. I felt depressed for weeks over Olga and I forgot about the black clothes. While listening to Kim from 1984 to 1986 I got the impression that the Americans from Soesterberg AB also found out about the black clothes thing. Then in 1986 I called Kim in Mons Belgium. And that same week Kim was with secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger and he had stated that blacks were always welcome in the US military. Black has to do with subordination; wearing black may signal "I play by your rules here". White can signal opposition. People tend to change from black clothes to white clothes and back. Although some men prefer black and some women prefer white, and the other way around. In 1986 I danced with Marjolein in a basement in Utrecht during a party. She was very nice and I asked her if she wanted to drink a beer with me, which she turned down. Because I dropped out of university I wasn't in Utrecht very often. So four years later I walk into a university building and see Marjolein in the distance. She wore black, which made me think; okay she's not my girlfriend. When you got 10 girls in school wearing black you get that synergy that females have. Women only function well if conditions are right. And we as men have to create these conditions. I feel we are responsible for our partner's capabilities. I believe in psychological growth in girls. How they become adults at age 19. I have been occupied with black and white clothes for about 30 years now and although I almost never wear black anymore because I don’t have any black clothes. I should know a lot about this phenomenon. And that I got the support from singers like Barbra Streisand. Kim is a huge Streisand fan, and on the CD "Till I loved you" she is wearing black. You know my hair is getting very thin and this black and white thing has to do with beauty. So I guess that I cannot be a hands on leader anymore. What I try to do instead is provide theory that makes it possible to understand this and be able to navigate to some destination and predict what will happen. I feel that sports events like Euro 2000 could be major happenings for all countries of Europe and I think that if it hadn't been for the black and white thing it would never be possible to enjoy this together. Wearing black is like going to the collective because in 1982 some people decided that black was the feel good color. While in 'God's View', white is north and collective, and black is south and individual. We have been going north for decades now so it is time to go south. Although it is uncharted territory we don't know what possible positive thing would cause people start to wear white... I think when a woman is taken that she should wear white just like a wedding ring. I mean, if you're married you should wear a ring. So far about how I got to be associated with black clothes.


Black is a Special Color


Black means subordination, where white can mean rebellion. Even though an African American in a plain white t-shirt might look really emancipated! This is important, when you obey the group you are a part of that then this will make the peer group succeed. This white and black phenomenon has a whole theory behind it. It can help you understand human intelligence, social mechanisms, God’s plan with the world and so on. When there would be more colors than black and white things will get a lot more complicated. Even though the color red might mean you’re in love, blue might mean you are happy and purple could mean you are open for a relationship. This is freedom of expression, and this became clear only after the black period. That people collectively realized that they could show something important to them simply by what they wear. In Germany they have an expression ‘der schwarzen Peter’, or the black Peter. Meaning the person who is to blame. So this is a negative feeling where the color black is concerned. Even though most people have a positive  feeling when it has to do with the color black. Nobody forces you to wear black, it is all voluntary!


Community Building


If everybody is wearing black that you get a sense of community. Except in America this can trigger aggression. Even though when a woman wears a black dress, that then everybody notices that she is thinking about love, that black has to do with love. Still if people saw on television a man who is looking for love wearing a red and yellow shirt, that people might follow that example. All this has to do with providing information, information which is relevant because it matters to and inspires people. People want to feel love and be loved, when they feel love wearing a red and yellow shirt then you no longer need black clothes. People only need to realize this. And then it becomes relevant and then popstars can make songs about it. When this love is based on people who really exist then this is a real possibility. I tried to do this, but I am an unattractive mental patient. When in high school there were lots of girls in love with me, but only because I was true to Olga. So when males are true to their love interest that they will be rewarded. Songs like Andy Grammar: Honey, I’m good; makes girls realize that a pretty face helps but that they really need someone who will love them for who they are, and love only him or her. Young kids these days want marriage, a family, a house, etc. If you show them how to do so, that they will really be able to reach their goal. In America people experience home very differently than people in Europe. When you live in a neighborhood with lots of families, that this will help make people feel at home. This is really important.


Getting Together


Young people should be able to find a love they can live with for decades. Almost everybody feels this need, people need to be inspired how and where to find someone who wants the same as them. I remember that in my hometown’s MacDonald’s there were always pretty teenage girls there. So this is a place where females feel at ease. Next to MacDonald’s there are lots of similar fast food restaurants where people can gather in small groups and interact if they want to. What is more fun than eating together? It would be worth to give this a try. When a woman realizes you like/love her and it is mutual she’ll come looking for you. If she doesn’t she probably isn’t interested.




The Dutch have been trying to destroy me for decades, and if Obama were really unattractive he would never have become President. What you need is someone who is young, attractive, has a good attitude, has talent dealing with females, and who is feeling a sense of responsibility. Black has to do with youth and beauty, even though older women can feel young by wearing black the color of their youth, because they and their male counterparts have good memories of wearing black. Black can dominate and maybe you in the US don’t want that. Other colors could do the same job, a color needs a meaning and be relevant to people. People should feel part of a group by wearing a color and this group should accept them because they subordinate themselves to this group. All this should come naturally, famous people can play a role in this, they could help people feel the exact right experience what a color could mean. This unity in society can do a lot of good. Because we want to go somewhere good and be together. Somewhere where people are equal and loved, so that they can live the life they dream of.

My Desire To Move To Australia

When I graduated from high school my parents bought me a trip to Australia I spent 9 weeks with my aunts, uncles and cousins in 1984. I had a great time. I felt at home and at peace. When my life in this country went so horribly wrong I wanted to get outof this country. I wrote a friend of my cousin if she was interested in me and never got a reply. I sometimes chat on an Australian website. But a disk jockey of Radio538 gave me the keys to my house with Eve and told me I would lose Eve if I kept on looking for girls in Australia. So this is a very easy decision for me I am with Eve.. But if that would go wrong then I would go looking in Australia again. Although I am 35 and getting old.. And with my health problems it is getting very hard! I keep hoping though.. I got an email from the Australian Embassy that if I wanted to immigrate that I had to fill out a form first. And my aunt in Melbourne is willing to take me in.. So I could stay with my aunt. In 1999 I had three pen pals in Australia: Vanessa Howard, Sally Sarina and Katrina. Then, in January of 2000, they suddenly all stopped emailing me.. I wonder if the Australian government told them to stop.. Like Kylie Minogue with: "Your Disco Needs You"..

Colors For Europe

Back in the days of the Cold War things were black and white. Competition (USA) versus cooperation (USSR). Well, we all know how that ended.. Then the Cold War ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. And Europe got colors.. That stress the differences of the countries and assign each country a task for it... Here it goes:

country | color | function

Ireland | purple | wealth & poverty

Uk | blue | media and European federation (past)

Netherlands | orange | European integration

Germany | red | money, labor and unions (future)

Belgium | black | ties with USA
France | yellow | social face of Europe (present)

Switzerland | white | ties with Russia
Italy | green | emancipation of eg women

Spain | light blue | excellence

Portugal | brown | cheap

This isn't too hard is it? I had emailed a message with this information to Mtv in 1996 and they never used it.. It was too complicated.. Now it is being used. Other color combinations.

Red and White mean you have money.
Red and Black mean someone owes you money.
Red and Yellow means spending money.
Blue and Yellow means work.
Blue and White means happiness.
Black and Yellow means crime (like strikes).
White and Yellow means vacation, "holiday".

Red and Blue means education. Red stands for money and the future where Blue stands for the past and work.

Red and Green means gift/present as in Christmas.

As you can see on this homepage, I used to listen to AFN. And that was American military radio. I listened to Kim, who did the morning show. Morning in English is AM. And Shau is German for show. So I figured that Amsterdam and Warshau had a link. The Hague, in Dutch Den Haag (a haag is a hedge, or a fence..) could have something to do with Berlin. Utrecht and Copenhagen (or 'buy The Hague') could be linked. Bonn ('bomb') and London ('fuse on') can be linked. Paris ('grandfather trip') and Washington can be linked. And Brussels ('Beatrix sells Russians') and Moscow ('buy cow') can be linked. Interesting, don't you think? Relationships between two people are so important!