Math Of Opposites

You know it is possible for someone who cannot see to explain the difference between black and white.. White are all colors black is no color.. This led me to believe that opposites can make sense in other cases too.. Here it goes:


xy | xx (chromosomes)

different | same

reduction | expansion

nothing | everything


etc.... When a woman is getting pregnant then a lot of sperm cells are reduced to one and then after the egg is impregnated then an expansion process is started like the pregnancy. Right now if I were a professional philosopher part of a university I would like to know more about just how cell divisions in an embryo work. This is related to modern society we have been going North (to the collective) now we're going South (to the individual). Society is starting to focus on individual differences and that has to do with diversity. So I guess these people who are having this baby had sex on 1/1/2000... Interesting? I think so!

Advice For The Youth

Being young is nice. You live and you learn. And you can go look for a partner. A partner for life. If you start relationships just for fun alone then you might be in for an unpleasant surprise some time into the future! Because every time you have sex with someone you start a building process of a relationship: 'a delay'. In other words if it is a one night stand you might need a year to get back to your partner for life situation. And if this happens too often you might get left behind. Just realise that if everybody would be looking for Mr/Mrs Right then things might be harmonious. In other words stick together and build a relationship together. Find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend at age 16-26 and get to know each other and work on each other! If everybody does this simultaneously then everybody would be happy and you might learn things from each other.. The 'gold ring feeling'. Life should be lived together and nobody should be over 30 and single. That has to be prevented and fixed. I think if we all dive into the water 2-by-2 together then we might find strength in each other... Back in the days of the church it was often the case that people stayed together for life and that was a very optimal situation. We should get back to that. Now I am not saying we should all go to church again. I do say that you should be part of a community where nobody is single. And we need to think where we want to draw our knowledge from to arrive at such a situation. Like high school.. My high school was against boy-friend-girl-friend relationships. University is ideal for finding a spouse. There used to be times that sex was for marriage only! I am not that strict. Although I do think if you only have sex in your marriage that you are a very lucky individual! You see on TMF how Mental Theo is asking girls to do things they really don't want. And that's bad... This give and take between the sexes should be harmonious... Like praying together in church.. Which is what females like.. So church is really female thing. I know it is hard to believe that Jesus walked on water, but it brings salvation! So keep going to church. I stopped going to church when I entered university.. The church had nothing to offer me. I didn't enjoy it. Now I do, and go to church again...! There are some nice girls in church though! To be happy stick to my one-life-one-wife policy. Make sure you are married and have children before age 30..

Countries And Sexuality

Countries have what I call 'emotional profiles’; these profiles define the character of a country. The way the country was supposed to be. It goes as follows... It is similar to the colours for Europe theory... Ireland is a lonely boy, who doesn't have a girlfriend. England is a male who lost his virginity. You can sometimes feel the heartbreak of that in English society because the girls are virgins. I think the male lost his virginity because he was an English soldier who had to leave the country for a long time to serve the British Empire. It has to do with the way society is perceived. Like Germany is the country of the two virgins. It is heaven compared to England. Germany was cut in two during this century because of the fact that these male and female virgins had to stay virgins. The Netherlands is a girl who is about to lose her virginity, but due to the fact that society in this country is changing so rapidly, the Netherlands threatened to become a newborn baby, which would be a worsening.. France is the country of the female who lost her virginity. She was in love... Girls who lose their virginity have an opportunity to grow as a person. You can see the young women in French girls aged 10.. It is part of the character of French society. Italy is a mother. Spain would maybe be a sister. It can be hard to establish the profile of a country. You need to know the place. Like the USA is a married male. Canada is a married female. And maybe Mexico is the child. Russia is a daughter, China is a son.. America would like to be a male virgin too. And that would be possible. Such a move would improve society in a way that it makes society more innocent. I mean if a country is defined by a virgin, then it is innocent.. And young, I guess... Interesting? Maybe professional sociologists can do something with this..


In my colours for Europe statement, it says Italy is green and has to do with emancipation. In the statement about countries sexuality it says that Italy is a mother. I believe emancipated women haven't got a thing to do with independent women. Like the female nurses in the hospital where I am staying. They are independent but it is hard for them to find a man. I think when a woman is of child baring age, and married (or with a man) that then she could be a housewife for a few years. And focus on marriage and children. I believe happiness in a relationship can be found in traditional social roles. Meanwhile we need to figure out how to emancipate women and minorities. A formula, criteria on how to involve these people in society. Take for instance the E.U. enlargements. That is also an emancipation situation. Like my statement on Black and White clothes. It should be possible to come up with a theory on effective emancipation. I think things like happiness and crime reduction all have to do with emancipation. Doing it right. Or how about my colours for Europe statement. This also has to do with emancipation. Like all these people who wear black should be emancipated into wearing colours. While these women who wear black find themselves very emancipated. And I guess if you're young then you might be able to afford to wear black. But if you really want to be married then you need to live a colourful life (after you married). Because a loving relationship means colors like a rainbow. So if you are looking for love by wearing black then there is nothing wrong with that. And if you want to do this right then you should start wearing white when you found someone you'd like to start a relationship with. But if you got a boyfriend (or husband) and you're still mainly wearing black then you are doing something wrong. Which might be harmful to your happiness and relationship.. Switching to colour can be done by starting wearing yellow (France), but then you might be pushed back to black. Maybe if we go from black to green (Italy). Then we might have a more lasting colour situation. Because in the end we need a colourful society.

The World Economy

After a few years of record economic growth when Clinton was President, the World Economy now is doing rather poorly, especially in wealthy Western countries like in Western Europe. Due to our economic difficulty our politics and social dynamics suffered too. People voted against governments, no matter if they were left wing or right wing, the voters just said: “No!”. While the governments only did what they needed to do, in order for their budget deficits not getting too big. I cannot understand that people can be so irresponsible. The government says: “We need economic growth, to be able to afford all this”. But economic growth has its negative side effects. Like when the economy grows there will be more cars sold, so more people will drive cars so there is more pollution and more traffic congestion. So governments build more roads. Which is bad for the environment. Only the fact that we have oil for 50 more years, says enough. If we keep polluting our environment will be destroyed too. Because the government has to cut in spending, people object, people vote through their wallets, so when they have to work longer hours for less money, because they are no longer competitive in the world economy, they try to vote the government out of government. But take for instance Germany, the opposition would do the exact same thing! So people go to the labour unions to complain and strike for more pay. The only thing I can understand people are frustrated over, is the fact that in Germany the government considered raising the pension age to 67, that was about the only thing I disagreed with the German government. These feelings of anger in society about Government spending cuts, have a tendency of also spreading to other issues in the news. Like for instance death threats to politicians. Or very threatening statements in the community over the coach of the Dutch national soccer team. This has its roots in the economic hardship and the fact that people were spoiled during the Clinton era. I believe that where economic growth is concerned, that rich countries should have a reliable but low percentage growth of some 1 to 2 percent. And that developing countries should grow at a rate of some 6 percent, or more, depending on how poor a country really is. The rich countries should keep their economies running at a lower pace, by being very efficient, that the ‘money streams’ make sure that local companies make enough money. I mean, that money shouldn’t leave the local economy, and that the local economy should take care of itself. That 20 years from now, a Euro will still buy as much as today! For instance a litre of fuel, or a barrel of oil. I mean, will in 20 years a barrel of oil do $60? I don’t think so… We should move away from being consumers only, we need to produce things that will last! And we need a change in attitude on the part of workers that the government isn’t doing the cutting in spending because they are evil, but because the State would go bankrupt if they didn’t. People should understand for instance the problem of the aging population in Western Europe, everybody who holds a job can understand this! The government has no choice! It is alright to hold your government accountable, but it is wrong to demonize them!