Me And The Netherlands Government

Why the government is denying me a life in freedom and health. It all started when I went from 2nd grade in high school to 3rd grade. When the new school year started we found out that all the girls we liked had been moved to other classes and that our class had all new girls who were complete nerds - if there is such a thing as a female nerd... I was manipulated to fall in love with a girl from a lower grade in 4th grade, a girl who would never want me. The reason the Dutch government denied me a girlfriend, was because the American military were still here on a nearby Air Base. And that I listened often to American military radio and that my school couldn't stand the idea that I became so American oriented. Then I started to study computer science in Utrecht, and didn't see any females I liked anymore. I was boycotted, that the Netherlands government didn't want me to be with a female I wanted or would like a lot. In 1987 I dropped out of university - probably - because I had called American military radio in Belgium to talk to Kim a female presenter I had fallen in love with. Because the Dutch needed a reason why I could no longer study, I was told I had Schizophrenia. Maybe I was poisoned. So when I became a mental patient I never saw any females anymore. I did however get a pass to Soesterberg AB and met many American soldiers, male and female. I wanted a relationship with Beth who was the morning presenter of AFN Soesterberg, but that the Americans didn't give permission because they didn't want to hurt Dutch pride. So I remained alone. In 1994 the Americans left, and their radio station went off the air. Now over 10 years later, I am still not completely Dutch and that I still miss the Americans more than once a week. But that now with DSL Internet you can listen to all sorts of radio stations through the Internet. So these days I listen to American and Australian radio. Also in 1994 I fell in love mutually with a girl in a shop. But that the Dutch kept us apart. Knowing she was my first choice. I dreamt I was stabbed in the lower abdomen, probably by a Dutch soldier. So then I no longer dared to go her shop anymore. I knew her last name, but it never occurred to me that I could call or write her. That I am remotely controlled and un free to live my life, or even think my own thoughts. That finally in 1999 I was able to send Eveline a Valentine. She replied she was with child of someone else. I came to the conclusion that I didn't want any other Dutch female, so I kept on thinking about Eveline, and I figured someone had told her to write me she was no longer available, because the Dutch government wanted me to be with someone else, but that I didn't cooperate. Now 7 years since I wrote Eveline a Valentine, I am still only thinking of her, and that I wonder if I'll ever be with her for real. I mean Eveline is about 10 years younger than me. In 1994 I was still handsome, now I am bald. The government wanted me bald, that the Dutch government denied me to make photos of myself. That they made me so ugly that no matter when, where or how my picture is taken, I will look ugly on it. In 1997 while on vacation in Australia I got some eye damage, and that a Dutch eye specialist didn't see anything abnormal in my eyes, and that now I have scars on my retina. In 1998 I needed a pacemaker and that I am sure that that was also deliberately done to me. That the Dutch wanted to be able to overpower me in any place and time and take away my freedom to go outside. Deny me my freedom. In 1999 I started to listen to Dutch radio again, and I opted for Radio538. I got the impression that at some point in time the radio personalities of Radio538 started to hurt my feelings. But that I didn't quite understand if they were after me, and if I was the only one who got the impression that they were trying to hurt me, or if there were other listeners out there too who realized what was going on... I saw so many doctors and that it is easy to see that my health conditions were deliberately done to me, but that these doctors don't want to admit that a disorder is due to deliberate action, so that then they start to lie and not address reality. In 2003 I moved out of the mental hospital - where I had lived for 5 years (because the Dutch didn't allow me to be free) - and moved into a shelter in downtown Amersfoort. The Dutch are now trying to beat me into submission; that they cannot stand how I feel about women. The Dutch want me to be interested in fellow patients. I mean not to be just friends, but to have a sexual relationship with them! While that is the last thing I would want to do, that only recently I discovered that women all want to be wanted sexually because otherwise they are starting to behave strangely. Now the Dutch are putting a lot of pressure on me, to make me Dutch again. While I am not at all interested in The Netherlands, I feel the Dutch cannot force me to be Dutch. I simply feel I would be happier in Australia. But that the Dutch will never let me go! Due to my heart condition I often feel like dying. I cannot even ride the bus, because I am physically unable to walk to the bus stop. Doctors cannot explain why I feel like dying. They say it is nothing serious. And that it doesn't have to do with oxygen or my lungs. I feel like a prison inmate. That the Dutch government keeps on saying: "We'll give you a million dollar ... we'll give you five million dollar ... we'll give you ten million dollar ... (etc)", but that at the same time my life becomes more and more impossible and that all my conditions can only get worse and cannot be cured. I want to leave the Netherlands and move to Australia, so the Dutch caused my eye condition to make me feel they won't let me move to Australia. Even France stepped in to tell the Australian foreign minister that they couldn't let me in. I feel like a slave. I need to leave here. Secretary Weinberger died this week, he hired me in 1986. The Dutch government totally flip when they find out that you are friends with people like the US President. The Dutch cannot stand that, so they hurt me over it. My friendship with the US Secretary of Defense is only one of the many reasons for me not to want to be Dutch. The Netherlands government realizes this so they put a sanction on it. I find this very cowardly. So the Dutch caused some three chronic health disorders to me, only because they couldn't accept that after they teased me away, that I had become an American. And that the Dutch government cannot admit defeat that I would move to Germany or Australia so they hurt me significantly. And that I think they are wrong about it. Because it is their own fault! They should have let me have a girlfriend I liked, and let me finish my education. But instead they totally ruined my life. Because of that I couldn't care less about the Netherlands, so the Dutch are trying to beat me into submission. However with my American military training I am fighting back.

What Caused My Heart Condition

What - I think - caused my heart condition. In 1987 I was diagnosed a Schizophrenic. At first it sure seemed that way. Now I wonder if I am remotely controlled. So that certain people control my thinking process and cause me to appear like as if I am psychotic. On the other hand, I became friends with the American Secretary of Defense and President Bush's father paid a lot of attention to me when he was President. Or how about all those songs where they mention my name 'Alijo'. In 2005 there were at one time two rap songs in the Dutch Top 40 where my name was mentioned. And that last month I heard an Australian rapper mention my name. If you tell your shrink that the US President is a close friend of yours, and that pop stars mention your name, he will conclude that you are psychotic. But that because Aljo is such a rare name, that more and more people get to make the connection: "That Aljo guy really exists...!" My psychiatrist back in the late 1980s time and time said to me and my parents that I was seriously ill, and that we needed to try medications so that I could live a more normal life. So then in 1990 I spent a month in the Utrecht Academic Hospital and took an experimental drug. And that that drug was intended to block nerves in the brain to stop psychoses from happening. But because it was an experimental drug I figure that instead of blocking my brain it blocked my heart. And that in about 1990 I collapsed in Amersfoort in the Mental Hospital and that they discovered there was a small problem with my heart. My heart condition should never have happened to me, only because my shrink probably had orders from the Netherlands Government to make sure I would never study again, but that he couldn't tell me: "Give up your desire for a Masters Degree and start to work somewhere..." I mean, I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to work on Soesterberg AB where there still were American soldiers stationed, but that the Dutch didn't want that either. I mean, they would never let me work for an American company because the Dutch wanted to control me. At the same time, I feel I belong with the Americans and that with my powerful friends in the American Government, that I would be able to get a 'real' job with some American IT company. The Dutch denied me a University degree, that I don't want anything to do with the Dutch anymore. There are so many people who know that certain songs are about me, but that when you tell a psychiatric nurse something like: "That song is about me." He or she will deny it forever. Eminem on the Slim Shady LP raps: "Alijo get the hell out now." Dr Dre raps on one of his songs: "Alijo if you don't like me, ...". The Game raps on 'How we do': "Alijo". And these are the songs I can come up within one minute. It seems like there is a conflict between the US Government and the Netherlands Government. The Americans needed me for some prestigious mission and that the Dutch didn't want that. So when in 1986 American Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger hired me, that then the Dutch decided to kick me off the University. It is like that Billy Ocean song: "Caribbean Queen, now we're sharing the same dream..." That because I became more and more American, that the Dutch made me psychotic. And that my life became like a dream. At the same time, the Dutch discovered that Schizophrenia alone would never be effective to make me Dutch again, that the Dutch Government decided to also give me a heart and muscle disease to make sure I would become Dutch again. While I am not at all interested in The Netherlands anymore. I would want to immigrate to Australia. For instance, when I switch on my radio and tune into a Dutch station chances are that they are abusing me and hurting my feelings. So I listen to American and Australian radio through the Internet! My heart condition for which I have a pacemaker is so bad, that I cannot even walk a 100 meters outside. A healthy person should get 10,000 steps while walking per day. But that I make only some 4,500 steps because I no longer dare to go outside. Eminem raps on one of his songs: "Trying to walk it off, with two broken legs, fuck you too bitch, call the cops, with those mother fucking barking dogs." By which Eminem means the following: I have a heart condition so I need exercise, so I need to walk a lot, because I cannot ride a bicycle because I am not able to think freely, and that to hurt me even worse the Dutch handed me a muscle nerve disease which affects my legs, so that I can no longer walk for exercise, and Eminem characterizes this as two broken legs. The bitch Eminem refers to here is probably the Netherlands' most important woman and how she resorts to means like calling the cops, while she has fighting dogs at her disposal. With this statement I am not trying to hurt anybody's feelings, I merely want the truth to appear. And that my current shrink said that the truth is not absolute. While I think if the Dutch really made me ill, that they should pay a price for it.

About Spotters And Pirates

Back when I was a teenager and in my twenties, me and my friends were into the US Air Force, because on a nearby Air Base there was an American F-15 squadron stationed. Some of my friends went to this Air Base every day after school to see the F-15s and other military aircraft taxi, take off and land. These people were called Spotters. What they would do is write down the serial numbers of the aircraft they spotted. That is basically what a Spotter does. As for me, I needed to do homework for school so I didn't have time to ride my bicycle to the base and see aircraft. In all I must have been to the base some 5 times between 1980 and 1984, and that looking back I wish I had been there more often. Back in the 1980s there were two illegal pirate radio stations in my hometown. These stations were allowed to broadcast, that the police didn't take out their transmitters. Because these radio stations got to be so professional, it seemed like all people of my hometown listened to them. Of course there must have been a reason that the government let this be, and I now realize that it probably had to do with the fact that the Dutch government didn't want the locals to listen to American military radio, like me and most Spotters used to do. The Spotters were in an all male peer group, simply because there were no female Spotters. I remember how there once were visiting jet fighters from the US on the local base and that some Spotters got to talk to the visiting pilots, and that these pilots tested the Spotters knowledge of the US Air Force and that these pilots were amazed by the information they got from these Spotters. The Pirates talked on air about how they went out in our hometown and they had stories about things that happened to them. And that lots of girls listened in and that they wanted to go out too. The Spotters probably had one or two bars where they used to go. But that the local Dutch girls were manipulated to reject the Spotters, so these Spotters remained single and didn't have any girlfriends. Like how there is an American band in the American Top 40 now who call themselves: The All American Rejects and their first hit is: Dirty Little Secret. The Netherlands government was sanctioning the Spotters because they were indoctrinated by the American military, by knowing so much about the US Air Force you tend to shed your Dutch identity. These days the Pirates get an opportunity to make legal radio. And the Spotters these days are mostly still busy with aviation matter. As for me, I never was a real Spotter, but I knew quite a few guys who were. And that I spent years listening to American military radio and got to know quite a lot about the American military. But the Americans left the local base in 1994, and that the Spotters and I miss them (a lot).

Message To The Australian Embassy

There is one thing I wish I had asked you during our telephone conversation. Back in 1999 (October, November and December) I emailed twice a week with Vanessa a nurse in a senior citizens home in the Launceston area. Because I never had a girlfriend, I felt a lot of affection for her. Even though she might not have been pretty. I appreciated the attention that she gave me. Then in January 2000 I wrote her I wanted to immigrate to Australia, that was reason for her to end our Internet friendship. To this day, I cannot understand why Vanessa was so much offended by my remark. I also wrote with Jimmy and Katrina and they also stopped writing me in 2000. While I found these women rather interesting. Could it be that someone in the Australian govt told them to stop emailing me? I have been in Australia twice, and all information I encounter about Australia, I read or watch. For instance last week I read an article in The Australian about that living in the countryside is hard work and not at all so romantic. Still a lot of people want to try living in the countryside. My aunt and uncle who used to live in the Devonport area, had to cut down trees to get wood to heat their house, water and cook their food. I liked it. Even though I wouldn't like to have my own cow and milk her every day. I mean, I would love to ride a horse, but that can be dangerous, so I won't. I have seen Hobart and I found it very beautiful. This is hard to say, because the Netherlands is also very beautiful, albeit in a different way. Like when you walk in an average Dutch (old-inner) city you see streets that are clean and look like a real home. That is special about the Netherlands. In Het Parool, I read about a TV show which was about immigrants to the US. That an engineer had to sweep floors for a living. Australia is also an immigrant country, and I wouldn't want to be like a Moroccan in the Netherlands in Australia. Also due to my age women in Australia find me to old to marry. And I wouldn't immigrate to Australia if I didn't have a partner there. Like I wrote you before, I was like a husband to some 5 American service members. Being a husband is almost like my profession, and the Dutch and Americans find that a lot of fun! Don't you agree with me, that society in Australia, the Netherlands, the Uk, France, Germany, etc, is very similar? That we basically have the same culture. A TV-show like 'Sex-in-the-City' (which I never saw, and never want to see) is something which people in our countries feel familiar with. While sex should be something private. Something you keep for yourself and your partner. I mean, if you experience your sex life as a TV show portrays it, you would do something wrong. Just like losing your virginity to a female radio disk jockey is not good either. In the end what we need is happiness. And it doesn't really matter how you get there. I was at and saw a photo of a very attractive blonde (about age 30) who had just become a mother and was single. My training makes me feel like marrying such women, but due to my fading looks, she wouldn't want me. So I don't ask. It would seem that these days guys refuse to commit themselves to a woman. No matter how nice she is. That is something I cannot understand. There is this song from about 1984, titled 'One Night In Bangkok and the World's Your Oyster'. I quote: "I get my kicks above the waistline, Sunshine". Of course girls can be bad too. Even though it could be because they don't get the right treatment. But in youth it could be taught to kids how a relationship between a man and a woman works. Because our Western Culture has some serious flaws in this field! And it would do a lot of good, if we would fix this. From my own youth I remember that looks were the most important aspect of a girl. And that guys wanted sex and dump such girls, which I only realized at age 35. But which is something the teachers from school knew all too well. I even found my mother ugly, and at some stage a lot of girls I knew, started to behave in a way that guys would find them ugly. Even now in the mental hospital, some nurses-in-training wear glasses in order not to look good, because they don't want to be easy girls. I remember that when I was 15 years old, that I felt that girls lost their virginity too soon and guys too late. Lutricia McNeal sings about this. In the end you need harmony in society. Because harmony means that a society is in an optimally balanced situation. This shows itself as harmony between the generations. So if there are conflicts between generations then that means that something is seriously wrong. I sometimes wonder, who would benefit from fights between generations, because it seems to me that the media can cause conflict or unhappiness in society. We shouldn't let that happen to us! Do you find this interesting? I mean Australia could be a pilot project to make society happy and in harmony. Years ago I warned my friend from the Voice of Russia World Service, that the Russians better create their own society, instead of becoming similar to Western Culture countries, because at the time society looked really bad here! So I explained to her, that greed and pleasure used to guide youths here, and that that could only have an adverse effect on our communities. Since 1998 I have known quite a few Russians, and I found them nice, pleasant people, with a slightly negative outlook on life. I am sure you understand just what I mean with this email. And that if Australia can get this right, that they could fix all of Western Culture. Because Australia excels socially. Even though I got the impression that in Australia there are a lot of single mothers. We need to fix this once and for all, by building a society where people can be happy because they were taught how to plan and live their lives. There were so many talk shows on AFN (American military radio) and it looked so promising, because after one year of talk shows you could really understand your situation. But then the Americans in the military entered an era in which so many marriages ended probably because people started to expect too much from their lives and relationships. So it could be a while until we find a way to save our communities, but I am sure we can do this. And I figure that Australia/span> could be a leading player in this project. Basically because of singers like the Minogues (who are like the best friends of a lot of young women here) and the fact that Australia is a holiday country. At least it seems that way to a European. Do you think you now can come up with a mission statement for Australians to get themselves a greater part of the media pie? And what they have to do to get that?

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